15 April 2011

Demand for Rs.4200/- as grade pay to Postal Assistant

Dear friends,
     In the light of forthcoming strike from 5.7.11  i am forwarding two attachments to all of you.  Those of you who are interested on this issue may please go through the attachment.  File named "prev_corres" contains all the past correspondence made with the all India union central cadre for  your ready  review.     File named "demand" contains the points why we should insist the union office bearers at divisional/Regional/Circle or All India cadre for including the demand for Rs.4200/- as grade pay to Postal Assistant and the same also contains the e-post message.

      You can utilize the  e-post message in the demand file or you can prepare you own message  or else send the demand page itself to union cadre so that they can understand the subject and then reflect on the issue

    The e-post message can be sent to the following in addition to your divisional/Circle cadre

To                                                                            To
Sri.M.Krishnan,                                                        Sri.D.Theagarajan
Secretary General  NFPE                                          Secretary General FNPO

To                                                                          To
Sri.K.V.Sridharan                                                   Sri.D.Kishan Rao                
General Secretary AIPEU  Group C                         General Secretary NAPE GrC


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