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09 January 2013

Result of IPO Examination 2012

Result of the Departmental Examination for selection to the posts of Inspector of posts examination for selection to the post of Inspector of Posts Examination for the year 2012 held from 13th and 14 th October 2012.

01 December 2012

Requested Directorate to entrust LDCE to SSC/UPSC instead CMC Ltd.

No. CHQ/IPASP/IP-Exam-12 /2012                                        Dated : 19/11/2012

Ms Manjula Prasher,
Director General,
Department of Posts,
Dak Bhavan, Sansad Marg,
New Delhi 110 001.

Subject: Regarding Omissions in Recruitment Rules for Limited Departmental Competitive Examination for promotion to the cadre of Inspector of Posts for the year 2012.
Ref.     :  Directorate Recruitment division Letter No. A-34012/04/2011-DE dated 14.7.2011 and Letter No. A-34012/07/2012-DE dated 7.6.2012 & 22.8.2012.
Respected Madam,
This Association wishes to share its concern over the LDCE system in vogue in the department. Ever since CMC has taken over the reins of examination system of DOP there is complete chaos and as such created mockery of the examination system. The papers are not framed in conformity to the syllabus circulated by the department. As a result the prospective candidates have to suffer.  In the recently held Inspector Post Examination, Paper-IV (IPO) question booklet was given an ‘option’ either to answer 50 questions of ‘General English’ or ‘General Hindi’ (Samanya Hindi) whereas it was mentioned in the revised syllabus particularly Paper IV shall consist of ENGLISH LANGUAGE, G.K. & REASONING /INTELLIGENCE, thereby completely  excluding HINDI LANGUAGE.  Obviously, the Department by explicitly including ‘English language’ has left out ‘Hindi language’ from the ambit of syllabus for Paper IV.  In these circumstances the prospective candidates appearing for the said examination were naturally supposed to prepare ‘English language’ paper in accordance with Department’s revised syllabus ignoring the ‘Hindi language (as it was omitted and not specified in the revised syllabus).  The logic of omitting the National Language ‘HINDI’ from the revised syllabus was surprising.   Had there been an option either to choose ‘English language’ or ‘Hindi language in the revised syllabus, many of the candidates would have preferred ‘Hindi language’ being more proficient in that.  Inspite of the fact that the schedule for the examination was postponed on three occasions, the Department never realised / rectified the error crept in their circular dated 14.7.2011 omitting ‘Hindi language’.  Hitherto the department had to cancel the Paper-III of the same cadre being the law paper out of syllabus. 

16 October 2012


To download IPO exam 2012 Paper I to IV Click here

(Collected  by AB kantharaja, Mobile 08969822340,

03 July 2012


1.         A Candidate within the maximum age limit at the time of recruitment , but is over aged at the time of appointment
            a)         Cannot be appointed                                    b)         Can be appointed in service
            c)         Can be appointed after getting sanction     d)         None of these            Ans: d (10)

13 April 2012

Combined Master List of IPO 2011 Examination

Combined Master List of IPO 2011 Examination   VIEW/ DOWNLOAD

Result Keys of IPO 2011 Examination         VIEW/DOWNLOAD

04 April 2012


Result of the Departmental Examination for selection to the posts of
Inspectors of Posts Examination for the year 2011 held from 15th - 16th
October 2011 and 29th January, 2012


06 February 2012

Solved question Paper of IPO Examination held on 29th January 2012 (Question No 91 to 150)

Published by :

91. A proclamation under section 82 of CrPC can be issued against a person against whom a warrant has been issued Thus a proclamation can be issued against

Answer : Accused offender

92 Attachment of the property of the person absconding

Answer : Can be issued simultaneously with the publication of the proclamation of the proclamation u/s 82 of CrPC

93. A proclamation requiring a person to appear must be published giving

Solved question Paper of IPO Examination held on 29th January 2012 (Question No 23 to 90)

Q23 If directive principles of states policy is infringed

Answer: There is no remedy by judicial proceedings

Q24 Indira sawheny V union of India is a case dealing with

Answer : Reservation for OBC

25 Article 17 of the constitution

Answer : Abolishes untouchability

02 February 2012

Basic computer Test

a. Universal Automatic Computer
b. Universal Array Computer
c. Unique Automatic Computer
d. Unvalued Automatic Computer
Correct Answer: a. Universal Automatic Computer

Explanation: There are no computers with the name as in other options. UNIVAC was the first general purpose electronic digital computer designed for commercial use, produced by Universal Accounting Company of John Mauchly and J.P.Eckert in 1951.

2. CD-ROM stands for
a. Compactable Read Only Memory
b. Compact Data Read Only Memory
c. Compactable Disk Read Only Memory
d. Compact Disk Read Only Memory

Correct Answer: d. Compact Disk Read Only Memory

Explanation: There are no objects with the name as in other options. CD-ROM is a non-volatile optical data storage medium using the same physical format as audio compact disk, readable by a computer with a CD-ROM drive. The standard 12 cm diameter CD-ROM store about 660 megabytes.

Model paper for postmaster exam

Q1.              Any SAS/MPKBY/PPF agent cannot act as an agent or messenger of a depositor for the purpose of withdrawal from his/her saving bank account.  

The Above-mentioned statement is

a.  True                                           b. . False

Q2  A pensioner can now open pension account either individually or jointly

a.   True                                            b. False

10 January 2012

LDCE for promotion to the cadre of Inspector of Posts for the year 2011 held on 15th & 16th October 2011

Copy of Postal Directorate letter No.A-34012/04/2011-DE dtd. 06-01-2012 is reproduce below :-

I am directed to intimate that the above mentioned examination was held on 15th & 16th October, 2011 in 21 Centres.

2. After conducting the Examination, many grievances from the candidates who took the Examination and from Service Unions/Associations have been received alleging prescribing of certain questions outside the syllabus in respect of Paper-III of IP Examination 2011 held on 16-10-2011. The Competent Authority, therefore, ordered to constitute a Committee of departmental officers for examining the grievances. The report of the Committee has been carefully examined and the Competent Authority ordered to hold a re-examination in Paper-III of IP 2011 as per the prescribed syllabus.

3. Accordingly, a Re-examination in Paper-III will be held on 29-01-2012 (Sunday) in 21 centres (except Kerala Circle). The Examination will be conducted through approved Outsourcing Agency on turnkey basis. The Schedule of examination is as below :-

29th January, 2012 (Sunday) Paper-III (without the aid of books) 10-00AM to 01-00PM

4. The Re-examination will be for the candidates who actually appeared on 16-10-2011. The number of candidates appeared is furnished in enclosure. Due to paucity of time, the outsourced Agency is unable to dispatch the Admit Cards to the candidates physically and instead Admit Cards will be displayed on the Indiapost website and the candidates may be instructed to download the Admit Cards and to appear at the prescribed Venues alongwith Photographs.

5. The contents of this letter may be given wide publicity and circulated to all the concerned to avoid any personal grievance.

6. This issues with the approval of the Competent Authority.

- sd/ -



Posted by All India Association of IPs/ASPs at 7:19 PM

31 July 2011

Model Questions based on Law ( paper III) for IPO Examination


Compiled   by  S Jayachandran , Sys Adm , Mavelikara DO -690101

Q1 What is meant by  Summon ?

A summon is a court order to an individual to appear in court at a specified time and place. A summon may be issued in both criminal and in civil cases
Q2 Who can deliver  Summon ?

1. Police officer
2.  Public Servant
3. officer of the court
Q3 If The offences committed by an accused  can  be divided  in two,.then  mention  two category

Bailable and Non Bailable

Q4 When the  service of summons is evaded then  What will be do by  court?

The court will  issue bailable or non-bailable warrants
Q5 When will a court issue  written Proclamation?

Any person against whom a warrant has been issued has absconded or is concealing himself so that such warrant cannot be executed,
Q6 Mention the condition of proclamation

Appear at a specified place and time within 30 days of publishing such proclamation
Q7 Where a proclamation will mainly show ?

 Publicly read in some conspicuous place of the town or village in which such person ordinarily resides
Q8 What is the  action  after  completion of proclamation period ?

Attachment of any property, movable or immovable or both, belonging to the proclaimed person
Q9 Which is  the lowest level Consumer forum  

         District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forums
Q10 Which case will be dealt  by  State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission

Value of the goods or services and compensation between Five Lakh to  Twenty Lakh
Q11  In which cases  are dealt by  National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission

Value of the goods or services and compensation if any claimed exceeds Rs.20,00,000
Q12 What is meant by Public interest Litigation ?

litigation filed in a court of law, for the protection of Public Interest

(Eg:  pollution, Terrorism, Road safety, constructional hazards)
Q13  Mention the main condition to filing public Litigation

 Public Interest at large is effected
Q14What is meant by MRTP ?

  Monopolistic and Restrictive Trade Practice
Q15  When was MRTP enacted ?

Q16 The MRTP Act does not  implement in one state in India  .Which is that state ?

Jammu and Kashmir
Q17 ------------- is considered as unfair Trade practice

Non-Compliance of Prescribed Standards of goods
Q18 The commission of MRTP has equivalent  power  of Civil Court
The  above  said statement is

Q19  The relief and order  is issued by civil court  has been  categorized in to two type . Mention the category 

1. Temporary orders  2. Final Orders
Q20 ---------  regulate the functioning of  civil Court 

CPC ( Civil Procedure Code)
Q21  The Standard of Weights and Measures Act was enacted----------

Q22  When was the Indian Evidence Act was formed?

Q23 The   statements which the Court permits or requires  to be made before it by witnesses then it is called --------------------------evidence

Q24 When does an evidence called the documentary evidence?

Documents produced for the inspection of the court

Q25  Cyber Regulations Appellate Tribunal (Procedure) Rules was formed -----------


25 July 2011

IPO - Model Question Paper ( Question No197-211

Q146     What is  meant  by FRSR
a.  Financial Rule and Service Rule  b. Fundamental Rules and  Service Rules   c. Fundamental Rules and Supplementary Rules    
Q147  The Fundamental rules shall come into  force  with effect from
a. 1st January 1970    b. 1st January 1922  c. 1st January  1975
Q148  The fundamental  Rules  apply  subject to the provisions of Rule
3 to all ------------
a. Government officials  b.  Citizen of India 
Q149 what option was given by  president  of India to the  government service  from  1st July 1976

a.  option to continue to be governed by  provision of civil services regulations or come over to  fundamental rules

b  option to continue to be governed by  provision of civil services regulations
c . None of the above

15 July 2011


IP Exam for the year scheduled on 03 / 04.09.11 vide Dte Lr No. A-34012 / 04 / 2011-DE Dt. 14.07.11.

Schedule :
01. Receipt of Applications in plain paper
from eligible candidates – ongoing process.
02. Receipt of Application form Kits by
Nodal Officer from CMS – already available.
03. Receipt of Application form Kits by DO / RO / CO /
Controlling Unit from Nodal Officer to the eligible candidates - 15.07.11
04. Last date for receipt of Application from at DO / RO /
CO / Controlling Unit from the Candidates. - 29.07.11
05. Receipt of duly filled Application forms by Nodal Officer - 08.08.11
06. Forwarding Applications by Nodal Officer to CMC - 12.08.11
07. Issue of Hall Permits by MC to eligible candidates - 23.08.11
Date of Exam - 03 / 04.09.11

Source : IP ASP CHQ & P III CHQ.

07 July 2011

Model Question for IPO Examination (Q108-125 FHB Vol II )

Q108  When will forward the schedule of  schedule of bills Paid from HO to Director of  Accounts Postal
a. 1st of every month  b. 10th of every month   c. 1st and 16th of every month 
Q109 From the following  who have right to  forward the returns relating Indian postal order  to  DAP not later than 5th of every month?
a. GPO   b. Presidency Post office  c. None of these 
Q110  Who will responsible  for all the  monetary transactions of the divisions and for the  correctness of the accounts in RMS
a. SRO   b.SA  c. Head Record Officer
Q111  Form ACG 33 is related with 
a. Cash Abstract  in  head Record  b. HO Summary  c. TCB
Q112  What is purpose of preparation of ACG40 in RMS?
a. record the receipt and payment  b. record the advance  details c. None of these
Q113  When will  a sender of outward foreign parcel  get  customs duty as refund  from department?
a.  Parcel is returned as undeliverable  b. Parcel is in a damaged condition  c. Never refunded the customs duty
Q114 Payment of account  of international and commonwealth reply coupons  has to be credited ---------------- account head
a. UCP   b. Bills Paid  c. Payment of refund
Q115 Payment  related with Compensation  for  registered articles  should  be credited ---------- account head
a. Bills Paid   b. refund of article  c. UCP
Q116   Service pensions payable in India   under   pensions Act ---------- of civil service regulations
a. 1871  b. 1898 c. 1902
Q117  The gratuity  payment  can be made through  the branch  Office
 The  above said  statement  is  
a. True  b. False
Q118   Form No   pension 7  is  related with ---------
a. PPO  register   b. Pension Payment Voucher c. Pension Payment Order
Q119  Who will prepare separate file   in respect of pension payment order  by the Postal Accounts
a. Postmaster  b. DPM Accounts Branch    c. DPM SB  Branch
Q120  Who will issue duplicate  PPO   when  the PPO  is lost in transit?
 a. Postmaster of Head office  b. Divisional  Heads  c. Director of Accounts
Q121  In which post office the duties related with  pension payment is  entrusted with  Deputy Postmaster ?
a. Presidency  Post office  b GPO  c Selected HOs
Q122   pensioner can be  exempted from  personal appearance  for payment  , if  he produce  life certificate  from a Group A or  B government Servants
The  Above  said  statement is
a. True  b. False
Q123 Pensioner can entrust a person who posses power of attorney  to receive  pension  . when it will possible ?
a. Pensioner is out of India   b . Pensioner  is not  in home station .c payment  is not possible to power of attorney
Q124  Declaration in form  TR 40  should be collected from recipients of family pension  should be collected ------------
a. monthly  b. quarterly   c. Half yearly
Q125 Provisional  payment of Pension is made through --------
a. ACG 40  b. ACG 108  c. ACG 101
Prepared  by  S Jayachandran , SA , Divisional Office , Mavelikara -690101
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